How Tape-In Hair Extensions Work

Tape-in hair extensions not only give thicker, longer and shinier hair but they also give you that natural look that weaves can’t. The hair extensions allow you to wear different hair styles any day you want to. They feature completely flat bonds that lie against the head hence do not look fake at all. It’s best to find a local hair extensions specialist to install them, but they are extremely easy to put on and remove. Research the internet tro find the best extensions profile that is focused on customer service. Contrary to common belief, the extensions do not cause damage to your natural hair. This brief overview looks into how you can install tape in hair extensions at home.


How to Install Tape in Hair Extensions

· Wash Your Hair- First wash the hair as dirty hair causes wefts to come out easily.

· Section Bottom to Top- Start from the bottom of the scalp and section you hair moving up. The first row should be an inch from the bottom of the scalp. Use a comb to part hair evenly and then pull the top half up and then secure it while leaving the bottom hanging down.

· Use a Thin Section of Hair- Gather a very thin section of hair that will be sandwiched between extensions. The adhesive tape on the top extension should touch the bottom extension to ensure they stick together. The section should be even and as wide as the extension wefts.

· Attach Extension- You can now press the bottom and top wefts together for about 20 seconds to make sure they are stuck together. Repeat the process avoiding gaps and do not place the weft too high rest they are visible.

· Cut and Style- You can now blend your hair into the new extensions and style it as you wish. The length of the hair should fade into the length of the extensions nicely.

You can consider using a friend to assist you or use two mirrors in order to see the back of your head. It is very important to consider the placement of your extensions as you should not put the extensions too close to the edge of the scalp to avoid them been seen. As you are sandwiching a layer of hair between extensions, ensure the sticky part on top and bottom stick to ensure maximum adherence.

To pull off a seamless look it is important to match hair density, color, and thickness while shopping. Ensure the extensions are 100% human hair to ensure the hair cuticle is intact and is facing the same direction. Human hair extensions are easy to style, iron, dry as they do not tangle.

You can maintain a stylish and flawless look with tape in hair extensions.