Refinish Your Bathtub the Easy Way


Bathroom remodeling at a modest cost with desirable results can be achieved through bathtub refinishing. If your tub is starting to show its age, do not feel like your only course of action is to have it replaced, you may want to try a refinishing bathtub guide. This is a much more cost-effective solution, and it is not as difficult as you may think. You even have the option of choosing a liner that can be glued over the surface of your tub, or sanding it down and adding a coat of refinishing. Our bathtub refinishing guide sponsored by: will provide you with a brief step by step refinishing bathtub guide to help you get started:

The first thing you need to do when refinishing bathtub fixtures is to assemble the tools that you will need, many of which can be found in bathtubs refinishing kit. These include a spray gun, a face mask or respirator, sandpaper, masking tape, paper, epoxy paint or re-finisher, acrylic top coat, chemical cleaners, and a bonding agent. Now to get the best results you should clean the entire surface of your tub. Once you have refinished, you should rinse it off thoroughly and then give it plenty of time to dry. If you are in a hurry, then go ahead and use a hair dryer to help it along.


The subsequent step in the process is to sand down the surface of your tub to rough it up a bit and make the surface even. This will make it easier for the paint to cling to the surface. At this point, you should also cover up any surfaces that you do not wish to paint with masking tape.

Finally, you can put on your first coat of paint. It is recommended that you use an EP acrylic which produces a finish that is highly durable and resistant. Another great thing about this type of paint is that it is available in wide range colors so it will be easy to find one that matches the exact color of your bathtub. The kit that you purchase should contain some instructions on how to mix your primer so make sure that you follow them closely. When applying the first coat, use your spray gun to achieve an even layer by using a constant back and forth motion. It is a good idea to test this out first on cardboard.

When you are finished applying the desired number of coats, give it about 48 hours to dry before using the tub again.

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